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Carnival Cruise Line Announces New Grand Bahama Cruise Port Destination Will Be Called Celebration Key

Carnival Cruise Line Announces New Grand Bahama Cruise Port Destination Will Be Called Celebration Key

Carnival Cruise Line has announced that the name of its new cruise port destination on Grand Bahama Island will be Celebration Key.

Carnival today unveiled the name of the highly anticipated, exclusive cruise port destination on Grand Bahama Island: Celebration Key. In late September, the company plans to release itineraries for ships that will call at the new port.

Celebration Key is the first port destination created specifically for Carnival Cruise Line passengers. The brand stated in a press release that the port’s name was inspired by “the vision for the destination to be a celebration of all that Carnival and The Bahamas has to offer.”

When finished, Celebration Key will be able to accommodate two million visitors annually.

“We are working very closely with the Government of The Bahamas and the Grand Bahama Port Authority to ensure that we are highlighting the best of Grand Bahama and its culture, combined with fun like only Carnival can provide,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy.

Carnival Cruise Line’s upcoming port Celebration Key will give cruisers easier access to many of Grand Bahamas’ beautiful beaches

“Invoking the natural beauty of Grand Bahama, every day at Celebration Key will be a celebration of our guests’ own making with a variety of experiences and something for everyone,” Duffy continued.

The new port will be located at Sharp Rocks Point in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. The Bahamas’ northernmost island is renowned for its magnificent beaches, verdant landscape, and friendly people. In addition to a mile-long stretch of white sand beach and a variety of Bahamian-run restaurants, shops, and bars, Celebration Key will provide Carnival visitors with a distinctively Bahamian experience.

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Up to two of Carnival’s Excel-class ships will be able to dock at the nearby cruise pier simultaneously, and passengers will be able to walk off the ship to arrive at Celebration Key.

A groundbreaking ceremony for Celebration Key was held in May 2022 and design, engineering, and construction work is now underway at the destination.

In late September 2023, Carnival plans to announce further details about the destination, along with opening the first itineraries for sale on at least ten ships that will include a visit to Celebration Key. The first cruises will call on Celebration Key in July 2025.

Update: Carnival Ships Will Begin Visiting Celebration Key in July 2025

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Carrie Ann Karstunen