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Featured Press + Awards

Featured Press  + Awards

Carrie Ann and Should Be Cruising have been featured in the following publications:

Should Be Cruising has won the following awards:

Feedspot: Top 80 Cruise Blogs and Websites (#13)

Ranked Blogs: Top 40 Cruise Blogs of 2022 (#5)

Ezoic: Top Niche Blog for 2022

If you’re a member of the media or an established content creator, I’d be happy to provide quotes, short content, or interviews on cruise-related topics.

Please feel free to email me at info [at], with “Press Request” in the subject line.

Although I wish I could reply to everyone who reaches out, I receive a massive amount of email each day. I can only reply to requesters who have a specific article planned about cruising or cruise ports for an established media outlet or travel website.

I don’t accept any payment for guest posts/features/links on my site nor do I pay for them myself on other sites. If your request mentions a monetary transaction for links, writing, or photos, I won’t reply.

However, I do occasionally accept paid freelance assignments for travel content.

If this is what you’re looking for, I’m happy to send you samples of my freelance writing.

Please feel email me at info [at], with “Freelance Request” in the subject line.

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