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Do You Really Need Cruise Travel Insurance?

Do You Really Need Cruise Travel Insurance?

Should you buy travel insurance for your next cruise? Savvy cruisers always do! Here’s why cruise travel insurance is so important.

Travel insurance is something I never used to think about. It’s not because travel insurance isn’t important—it’s because I honestly didn’t think we’d need it.

Then back in 2016, my daughter was getting ready to do a summer abroad program to become a Wilderness First Responder in Belize.

The counselors told us the story of one of the kids in the previous year’s program who was bitten by a Fer de Lance snake. She had to be medically evacuated back to the US.

When I heard how much her medical care and the evacuation would have cost her family if she hadn’t had travel insurance, I was shocked. I seriously questioned why I had never considered travel insurance before!

Cruise travel insurance gives you peace of mind

Now I always make sure that we’re covered by cruise travel insurance, just in case the unexpected happens. No one expects to have a medical emergency on vacation, their flight or cruise to be canceled, or even a less serious (but still costly) issue like having to replace lost or stolen luggage. 

Unfortunately, these things do happen, so it’s a nice feeling to have the peace of mind that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

I personally use Travelex for my family’s cruise travel insurance. I’ve found their coverage to be super-affordable, and they have plans that cover just about anything that could go wrong while you’re off on your cruise or any other travel adventure. 

Which cruise travel insurance policy is right for you?

Travelex offers two distinct travel insurance products that can give you peace of mind before and during your cruise. Cruisers can choose between Travel Select and Travel Basic policies. Both offer excellent coverage in the event of an unanticipated travel issue. Be sure to carefully read the policy before purchasing to make sure it covers everything you need.

Get a free quote on travel insurance for your next cruise

You can get an instant quote on travel insurance using the button below. They don’t ask for a name, email, or phone number to give you a quote—you’ll see your options and pricing after entering just a few details.

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