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Carnival Splendor Fun Times Daily Planner Australia South Pacific Cruise 11 Days 2023

Carnival Splendor Fun Times Daily Planner Australia South Pacific Cruise 11 Days 2023

Are you planning a Carnival South Pacific cruise on Carnival Splendor and looking for a complete 2023 Fun Times daily paper planner?

I’ve got you! Here are the full 11 days of paper planners (formerly known as the Fun Times) from my South Pacific cruise roundtrip from Sydney, Australia on Carnival Splendor in January and February 2023.

Although cruisers can also find the daily activities, venue hours, dress codes, and show times on the HUB app, I find that it’s often more convenient to use the printed daily planner to see everything in one place.

If you like having a printed Carnival daily planner each day, be aware that your stateroom steward no longer delivers a copy in your room each evening—even if you ask!

Instead, you’ll need to go to Guest Services where you’ll find printouts right next to the desk (you don’t need to wait in line).

If you miss a day, Guest Services can usually print you a new copy right at the desk.

Day 1 – Embarkation Day : Sydney, Australia

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Day 2 – Sea Day

Day 3 – Sea Day

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Day 4 – Nouméa, New Caledonia

The night before our port day in Nouméa, New Caledonia, I found a Welcome to Noumea! printout in my stateroom mailbox with all the info I’d need for the next day: first and last shuttle times, where to pick up shuttle passes, and the emergency contact number for the port.

When I first read the information sheet for Nouméa, I thought it was a tender port with water shuttles from the ship. However, we did dock right at the port. The shuttles that the info sheet mentioned are actually buses.

The Nouméa port authorities don’t allow cruise ship passengers to walk from the ship through the port area, so the cruise line provides shuttle buses to a downtown area.

Tip: If you’re Blue, Red, or Gold in Carnival’s loyalty program, you’ll need to pick up a shuttle pass (get there early if you want to get off ASAP!). Platinum and Diamond guests have priority shuttle access and don’t need a pass—just show up to the Platinum & Diamond Lounge.

Day 5 – Lifou Isle, New Caledonia

Lifou Isle, New Caledonia was our first tender port, with water shuttles running between the ship and the island throughout the day.

Our info sheet noted that tender tickets would be available at the Lido Stage starting at 7:30 AM, but guests began lining up at 6 AM! By 7:30, the line had snaked around the pool and well into the buffet area.

I heard that many guests were meeting independent shore excursions and needed early water shuttle passes. So if you’re Blue, Red, or Gold and need to get off early, I’d suggest at least scoping out the queue well before the staff starts handing out tickets.

Day 6 – Mystery Island, Vanuatu

Mystery Island, Vanuatu is also a tender port. But without a massive number of guests meeting independent excursions, the water shuttle pass queue wasn’t as long.

Day 7 – Port Vila, Vanuatu

We didn’t get a Welcome to Port Vila! info sheet on the evening of day 6. Unfortunately, one of the crew members had a medical emergency and needed to be evacuated by helicopter. Since the emergency operation took several hours, the Captain wasn’t sure if we’d make it to Vila on schedule.

But we managed to get there right on time, as we traveled at a speedy 35 knots (!!) once the crew member was safely evacuated. (We later found out that they were doing well and recovering at a hospital in New Caledonia.)

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Although we didn’t have a handy info sheet for this port, we could find all the necessary information on the paper planners, in the Hub app, and on signs posted at the gangway.

Carnival Splendor docked right at the port at Vila, Vanuatu and we could walk right off—no shuttle buses or tender boats required!

However, except for the tourist information building and a straw market, there’s not much to see or do right near the port. But you’ll find lots of taxi and water shuttle operators at the port to take you around the island.

Day 8 – Sea Day

Day 9 – Sea Day

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Day 10 – Sea Day

Day 11 – Sea Day

More resources for your Carnival cruise

I hope these Carnival Fun Times images help you plan your South Pacific cruise from Australia on Carnival Splendor. Do you prefer using the HUB app or the daily paper planner? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

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Carrie Ann Karstunen


Sunday 19th of February 2023

I’m so happy I found this! My partner and I booked a really cheap casino cruise from Australia on Carnival, and it’s our first time cruising outside of the Caribbean. I’ve been doing lots of research bc we really don’t know what to expect. Were there many Americans on your cruise? Also I heard you can’t smoke in the casino. Do you know if that’s true? Thanks!

Carrie Ann

Monday 20th of February 2023

Hi Hayley! I'm glad you found this too :D My cruise on the Splendor was my first from Australia, and although there were many facets of the cruise that were familiar (I'm assuming you've sailed Carnival before if you got a casino deal) there were also some differences — mostly fun ones like different food options and activities. The piano bar experience was over-the-top wild (you have to pop in, even for a short time)!

My sailing had LOTS of Americans, 850 according to the crew, but that was because most of us were sailing for next to nothing. If your casino deal was similar, you might encounter the same. As for smoking in the casino, you're correct - it's entirely smoke-free. I feel like the Aussie population has far fewer smokers than in the US, likely because cigarettes are prohibitively expensive. But I did notice lots of people lined up at the onboard shop to buy them for cheap! I hope you and your partner have an amazing time on your cruise from Australia!