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Carnival Pride Fun Times Transatlantic Journeys Cruise 13 Days 2022

Carnival Pride Fun Times Transatlantic Journeys Cruise 13 Days 2022

Are you planning a Carnival Transatlantic or Journeys cruise on Carnival Pride and looking for a complete 2022 Fun Times daily paper planner?

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I’ve got you! Here are the full 13 days of paper planners (formerly known as the Fun Times) from my Transatlantic Journeys cruise from Lisbon, Portugal to Tampa, Florida in October and November 2022.

I’ve even included a copy of the Carnival Capers newsletter from our Throwback Sea Day!

Although cruisers can also find the daily activities, venue hours, dress codes, and show times on the HUB app, I find that it’s often more convenient to use the printed daily planner to see everything in one place.

If you like having a printed Carnival daily planner each day, be aware that your stateroom steward no longer delivers a copy in your room each evening—even if you ask!

Instead, you’ll need to go to Guest Services where you’ll find printouts right next to the desk (you don’t need to wait in line).

If you miss a day, Guest Services can usually print you a new copy right at the desk.

Day 1 – Embarkation Day: Lisbon, Portugal

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Day 2 – Sea Day

Day 3 – Ponta Delgada (Azores) Portugal

Day 4 – Praia Da Vitoria (Azores) Portugal

Although our second Azores port day was canceled due to rough sea conditions, the Captain didn’t make the decision until after the Fun Times for that day was printed.

But the entertainment crew added more activities for the unexpected sea day that we could find on the HUB app.

Day 5 – Sea Day

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Day 6 – Sea Day

Day 7 – Throwback Sea Day!

Since day seven was a Throwback Sea Day (each Carnival Journeys cruise has one, with events and activities they would have had in 1987) we were treated to an old-style Carnival Capers daily planner in our mailboxes!

The Throwback Sea Day Carnival Capers features a photo of Carnival’s very first ship, the original Mardi Gras (not to be confused with Carnival’s much larger, current Mardi Gras vessel). She sailed with Carnival from 1972 until 1993.

But for a more in-depth version of what was happening on board, we also could pick up a regular paper planner at Guest Services as usual:

Day 8 – Sea Day

Day 9 – Bermuda

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Day 10 – Sea Day

Day 11 – Grand Turk

Day 12 – Sea Day

Day 13 – Sea Day

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I hope that these Carnival Fun Times images help you in planning your next Transatlantic or Journeys cruise on Carnival Pride. Do you prefer using the HUB app or the daily paper planner? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below!

Carrie Ann Karstunen


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Thank you for taking the time to post all of the Fun Times pages from your transatlantic cruise! I’m planning one for next Fall and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The throwback day sounds like lots of fun! I’m happy to see that there are lots of other sea day activities too. I was worried that I’d be bored but it looks like I have nothing to worry about. Thanks again!

Carrie Ann

Monday 16th of January 2023

Hi Josie! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed reading the Fun Times daily planners from my transatlantic cruise! I had such an amazing time (and yes, I was also a bit worried about boredom before I set sail). Carnival's Throwback Sea Day was definitely one of the sea day highlights for me, especially because I miss the "good old days" of the '80s :D Another favorite activity for me was the free behind-the-scenes galley tour - make sure you don't miss it on your cruise because it's very popular. I hope you have so much fun on your transatlantic. Make sure you check out my post 33 Fun Things to Do on Cruise Sea Days for more ideas!