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Virgin Voyages Launches “The Voyage” Music Video

Virgin Voyages Launches “The Voyage” Music Video

Innovative cruise line Virgin Voyages has released a music video-style short film to take cruisers on a cinematic journey through 24 hours at sea.

On January 6, 2023, Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s award-winning cruise and travel brand, launched a music video to celebrate the cruise line’s exclusively adult experience.

The industry’s newest cruise line promises a kids-free getaway at sea, offering a sophisticated cruising experience for travelers eighteen years and older.

Directed by Grammy award winner Jonas Åkerlund and featuring vocals by Drew Love, Virgin’s four-minute video features a cover of the iconic 1983 hit “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club.

Originally released by Branson’s Virgin Records 40 years ago, the favorite 80s pop hit has been reinvented in a tropical house style to serve as the soundtrack for the exciting visual journey through a day on one of Virgin’s cruise ships.

Starring real Virgin Voyages crew members and Sailors (the cruise line’s term for passengers), the music video was inspired by real-life experiences on board.

“The Voyage” music video was filmed on the brand’s first ship, Scarlet Lady, and captures the essence of what it’s like to sail with the brand.

The video interweaves typical guest experiences like relaxing on a stateroom balcony hammock in the morning, lounging by the pool, and enjoying dinner at one of the ship’s themed restaurants with choreographed fantasy scenes where Sailors and crew members alike dance to Love’s version of the song.

A fantasy dance sequence in Virgin Voyages’ new music video captures the energy aboard the cruise line’s adults-only sailings (image courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

As Nathan Rosenberg, Chief Brand Officer of Virgin Voyages said about the video in a press release, “We have won the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of Sailors who have fallen in love with Virgin Voyages because we created an experience everybody could love. As we continue to showcase our ships to the world, we wanted to share what it’s like onboard based on what our sailors have told us and shared on social.”

To experience the new Virgin Voyages music video, click on the thumbnail below:

“It features real crew as well and is a celebration of travel and voyaging. The Voyage music video shows this in such a unique and relatable way, from a quiet and restorative feeling, to a dreamy, curious, and energetic state.”

The artists and visionaries behind “The Voyage” music video

Acclaimed Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund was at the helm of “The Voyage”, working together with the team at Virgin Voyages.

Åkerlund’s work, which includes feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and stage shows, has garnered international acclaim, including his Grammy award and five MTV Video Music Awards for his work on Madonna’s 1998 music video for her song “Ray of Light”.

He has also directed music videos for other renowned artists including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and Maroon 5.

Alongside the distinguished director, the brand also partnered with vocalist and songwriter Drew Love of the band THEY.

Love’s work with THEY along with their solo projects has spanned genres including R&B, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Love has also co-written for other artists including G-Eazy, The Chainsmokers, SG Lewis, Louis the Child, and John Legend.

Virgin Voyages’ new music video “The Voyage” features vocals by recording artist Drew Love (image courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

Virgin Voyages’ new brand campaign: “Now We’re Voyaging”

The new music video kicks off the launch of the cruise line’s new brand campaign, featuring the tagline “Now We’re Voyaging”. As Jason Xenopoulos, VV’s Co-Chief Creative Officer for North America said, “We believe that brands should create culture rather than interrupting it.”

“‘The Voyage’ is an example of how music and entertainment can be used to tell a brand story while delivering an authentic entertainment experience to the audience. Virgin Voyages deserves more than an ad campaign, and we are delighted that we could create an entertainment experience instead—one that will live in culture where this brand belongs,” Xenopoulos continued.

In the new short film, Virgin Voyages tells its brand story through the lens of the Sailor experience, all firmly rooted in the musical DNA of the Virgin brand.

Back in 2018, Virgin Voyages invited travelers to Stray the Course and consider the possibilities and innovations in cruise travel. In 2021, Richard Branson’s new company invited potential cruisers to Set Sail the Virgin Way, asking Sailors to expect the unexpected.

In 2023, Virgin Voyages is elevating the experience yet again with Now We’re Voyaging. The new brand campaign speaks to the duality of excitement and relaxation that the cruise line promises Sailors aboard a Virgin Voyages cruise.

What’s next for Virgin Voyages

Although the pandemic significantly delayed the launch of the newest cruise brand to enter the industry, Virgin Voyages has been going strong since its first sailing in 2021.

Since the maiden sailing of Scarlet Lady—the cruise ship featured in the music video—Virgin Voyages has also launched its second ship: Valiant Lady.

Virgin Voyages’ new music video highlights life on the ship as well as days in port (image courtesy of Virgin Voyages)

On the horizon, Virgin Voyages will take delivery of two new ships: Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady. With the expanded fleet, the cruise line plans to sail to exciting new destinations including Greece and Australia.

Have you watched the new music video “The Voyage” from Virgin Voyages yet? How does it make you feel about trying a Virgin cruise? Or have you already sailed on Virgin? Are you (like me) shocked to hear that Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” is turning 40 years old this month? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Carrie Ann Karstunen


Sunday 24th of September 2023

I would like to know the brand name of the red multi colored bathrobe the lady is wearing

Carrie Ann

Monday 25th of September 2023

Hi Diane, that photo was provided to the press by Virgin Voyages as part of their press release back in January, and I don't know the source of any of the outfits the models were wearing. I tried using Google Lens to search the image and found lots of dresses and robes that have a similar pattern, but there wasn't an exact match. You might want to give it a try! Thanks for stopping by, and happy cruising :)


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

i would like to know who that man is in that pic above


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

@Carrie Ann, no worries. ty

Carrie Ann

Wednesday 15th of February 2023

Hi Dancy, I'm assuming he's a model? The photo is from Virgin's press release and they didn't share info on the models' names. Sorry I couldn't be more help.