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Cunard Partners With Etiquette Expert Grant Harrold for the Ultimate Afternoon Tea Lesson

Cunard Partners With Etiquette Expert Grant Harrold for the Ultimate Afternoon Tea Lesson

To celebrate Afternoon Tea Week, Cunard’s Captain Aseem Hashmi teamed up with the UK’s preeminent etiquette expert for the ultimate masterclass in one of Britain’s favorite pastimes.

Having been a member of the Royal household of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Highgrove House in the Cotswolds for seven years, Grant Harrold is the UK’s leading authority on etiquette, service, and protocol.

With Cunard being world-renowned for its iconic White Star Service, Grant joined the line’s Captain Aseem Hashmi aboard Queen Mary 2 to compare notes on royal etiquette and cruise ship dining for Afternoon Tea Week (August 7-13).

The lessons reflect Cunard’s unique timelessness, where passengers on board are not required to partake in Afternoon Tea, but can be guaranteed that it will be done properly if they do.

As shown in the video below, former royal butler Grant walked Captain Hashmi through the important dos and don’ts of a traditional Afternoon Tea service in his trademark cheeky manner.

Grant also gave his top suggestions on how to properly stir your tea on a ship, the appropriate order in which to enjoy the treats, the most common teatime etiquette mistake that people make, and the one thing you should never do while serving tea.

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This etiquette lesson serves as a reminder of the luxurious experience that can be enjoyed aboard a Cunard sailing as the cruise line counts down to the launch of its newest ship, Queen Anne, in May 2024.

Grant, who now advises royal households across the globe, joined guests aboard Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth earlier this year, for sailings to the Canary Islands and Japan.

During his Insight Speaker lectures on Cunard, titled ‘The Life of The Royal Butler’, Grant recounted his experiences working for the most famous family in the world, regaling guests with tales from Balmoral to Buckingham Palace.

In a press release, Grant Harrold said, “It was a real pleasure to join Captain Hashmi for Afternoon Tea, and as expected, he conducted himself like a true gentleman—he certainly doesn’t need my help. It was a pleasure to share my unique perspective on the British monarchy and its traditions with Cunard guests, especially on ships that boast Queen Elizabeth II, and the Queen Consort, as their godmothers.”

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Have you had the chance to enjoy afternoon tea on a Cunard ship? If you watched the tea etiquette lesson with Grant Harrold and Captain Hashmi, I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments below: jam or cream first?

Carrie Ann Karstunen