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Lindblad Expeditions Partnering With FOOD & WINE Along Columbia and Snake Rivers

Lindblad Expeditions Partnering With FOOD & WINE Along Columbia and Snake Rivers

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic is launching new wine-centric sailings with onboard experts from FOOD & WINE.

Expedition cruise line Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and renowned magazine FOOD & WINE have joined forces to create an extraordinary adventure for wine lovers.

The special sailings will combine the breathtaking beauty of the Columbia and Snake Rivers with the finest wine experiences. In a press release, the two organizations announced the launch of their new wine-centric sailings, which promise an unforgettable journey filled with stunning landscapes, educational wine tastings, and delectable cuisine.

Lindblad Expeditions’ new wine cruises will explore the Columbia River (pictured) and the Snake River in the Pacific Northwest

When they’re not off exploring by foot or Zodiac, guests aboard National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion will enjoy regionally-inspired menus and wine sourced from within 250 miles of the destination.

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The extensive wine list will feature more than 40 regional varietals curated in collaboration with FOOD & WINE‘s Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle.

The inaugural Columbia and Snake Rivers Journey Presented by FOOD & WINE will cruise from Portland, Oregon, on March 31, 2024. This special first sailing, with Isle joining as a special guest, will be aboard National Geographic Sea Bird.

Sailing through wine country

The Columbia and Snake Rivers wind their way through the heart of the Pacific Northwest, encompassing mesmerizing landscapes, rich history, and extraordinary winemaking regions. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to explore this corner of the United States, famed for its diverse terroir and outstanding vineyards.

Combining the expertise of Lindblad Expeditions and FOOD & WINE, the new sailings will offer a mix of adventure, education, and culinary delight. Cruisers can expect a carefully-crafted itinerary that includes immersive wine tastings, informative discussions with winemakers and experts, and vineyard visits.

Lindblad Expedition cruisers will have the opportunity to visit local vineyards and wineries

Curated wine experiences

Each Lindblad wine sailing will feature exclusive opportunities to visit local wineries, meet talented winemakers, and discover the stories behind their craft.

Whether sipping on Pinot Noir in the Willamette Valley, savoring Bordeaux-style blends in the Walla Walla Valley, or indulging in the unique varietals of the Columbia Gorge, guests will have the chance to taste the essence of the Pacific Northwest’s wine culture.

“The expedition follows the Columbia River through some of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful wine country—Oregon and Washington regions like the Columbia Gorge, Walla Walla, and others,” said Isle. “It’s been an adventure in itself choosing the wines for this series of exclusive expeditions and being able to taste them while in the heart of the landscape they come from should be an extraordinary experience for anyone on the trip.”

Expert guidance and education

To enhance the wine appreciation experience, experts from FOOD & WINE will be onboard, guiding guests through immersive educational seminars and engaging discussions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of winemaking techniques, regional characteristics, and the factors that make the Columbia and Snake Rivers such exceptional wine-growing regions.

Experts from FOOD & WINE will be onboard each wine cruise, hosting educational seminars and discussions

Culinary offerings on board

FOOD & WINE’s expertise extends beyond wine to encompass the culinary arts, so guests can expect an exceptional dining experience throughout the journey. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, chefs will create menus that perfectly complement the region’s wines.

“The bountiful diversity in the Columbia and Snake Rivers region is every chef’s dream! With the opportunity to source fresh ingredients directly from farmers along the way, this new itinerary perfectly captures the best culinary delicacies of the region,” said Ana Esteves, VP of Hotel Operations at Lindblad Expeditions.

“The immensity of the canyons and gorges with miles of wheat fields and grains paired with the most stunning orchards in central Washington, the fresh wild-caught seafood of the coast, and the lush Oregon forests where our partners forage mushrooms, all make this one of my favorite culinary itineraries and a place on Earth that every food lover should visit,” Estevez continued.

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Carrie Ann Karstunen