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Carnival Havana Bar Menu With Drink Prices

Carnival Havana Bar Menu With Drink Prices

Looking for the Havana Bar menu for Carnival Cruise Line? Here’s the full bar menu with drink prices!

Havana Bar is Carnival’s Cuban-themed bar located near the exclusive Havana staterooms and Retreat—but you don’t need to book a Havana room to enjoy the Havana Bar! This lively venue is open to all Carnival guests.

The Havana Bar is offered on select ships, including Horizon, Panorama, Sunshine, Vista, and Mardi Gras.

Here you’ll find Cuban and Italian specialty coffees, cocktails, and even Cuban sodas you won’t see elsewhere on the ship. It’s the perfect place to grab a morning coffee when the line at JavaBlue Café is too long. Or visit in the evening to sip a cocktail while enjoying the live music and dancing.

Havana Bar menu with drink prices:

How much are drinks at Havana Bar on Carnival Cruise Line?

If you purchased the Cheers! drink package, any of these drinks with a menu price of $20 and under are included in your package, with the exception of drinks in souvenir glasses. Guests with the Bottomless Bubbles drink package can get basic sodas (not the Cuban ones) at the bar for free with the package.

Without a package, your onboard account will be charged the menu price for each drink plus an 18% gratuity.

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Coffee drinks

Cuban coffees

  • Cafecito – $2.25 (espresso whipped with sugar)
  • Cortadito – $2.25 (cafecito with milk)
  • Café con leche – $3.25 (Cuban coffee and hot milk)

Italian coffees

  • Espresso – $2.25
  • Double espresso – $2.50
  • Cappuccino – regular $3.25/grande $3.75
  • Café latte – regular $3.25/grande $3.75
  • Mochaccino – regular $3.25/grande $3.75

Tip: The Havana Bar has a fully-stocked bar, so you can order a shot of Kahlua, Bailey’s, or whatever you’d like to give a kick to your coffee.


  • Havana Especial – $10.50 (Starr rum, maraschino liqueur, fresh pineapple juice)
  • Mojito – $10.25 (Bacardi Limón, fresh lime, mint, club soda)
  • Cuban Iced Tea – $10.50 (Bacardi 8, Bacardi Razz, Bacardi Superior, fresh lime juice, triple sec, Pepsi)
  • La Buena Vida – $9.95 (Mount Gay Eclipse, orange juice, Pineapple juice, grenadine)
  • Jupiña Amor – $9.95 (Absolut, Jupiña pineapple soda, fresh lime juice)
  • Papa Doble – $10.50 (Bacardi Superior, grapefruit juice, maraschino liqueur, fresh lime juice)
  • Daiquiri Clásico – $9.95 (Bacardi Superior, fresh lime juice, sugar)
  • Cuba Libre Doble Especial – $9.95 (Bacardi Superior, Pepsi, fresh lime juice)

Zero-Proof mocktails

  • Ponche Havana – $5.50 (pineapple, orange, and lime juices with grenadine)

Soft drinks

Cuban sodas – $2.50 each

  • Jupiña
  • Coco Solo
  • Cawy Watermelon
  • Materva Yerba Mate

Standard sodas and soft drinks – 12 oz $2.50 each

  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Sierra Mist
  • Sierra Mist Zero
  • Mountain Dew
  • Mug Root Beer
  • Orange Crush
  • Bottled Water – $1.50/500 ml
  • Coconut water – $2.95
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice – regular $3.25/grande $4.95

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