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Are You a Cruise Expert? Take the Cruise Trivia Quiz!

Are You a Cruise Expert? Take the Cruise Trivia Quiz!

Love cruise trivia contests? I know I do! But are you actually an expert on trivia about cruising? Find out where you stand with this cruise trivia quiz.

Most trivia contests on cruise ships just look for general knowledge, like entertainment, geography, or history. However, this cruise trivia quiz only deals with cruising and cruise ships.

Find out if you’re a certified Cruise Expert (or a Cruise Rookie!) with this fun quiz. Let’s go!

Click the “Take Quiz” button below to get started.

(If your browser doesn’t show the quiz for some reason, you can also access it here.)

How did you do on the quiz? Be sure to challenge your friends and followers by sharing your results from the quiz using the Facebook and Twitter links above. Can anyone beat your score?

Cruise Quiz results

Just like with any other standardized test or quiz, some people might be misdirected into boxes that just aren’t right for them. This quiz isn’t a scientific study!

The “test” is meant only for enjoyment and to share a little bit of cruise history (and some fun facts) that I think my readers will enjoy.

Did you end up with the wrong result based on your level of cruise expertise? No worries! I have lots of cruise content that you’ll love linked below. Just pick the level of cruise expertise that’s right for you.

Want to try the quiz again? Of course! Click here to try again.

Beginner cruise trivia scorers (Cruise Rookie)

Did you get a Cruise Rookie ribbon? No worries! That’s what I’m here for. I’ll get you up to speed in no time so you can confidently plan a cruise and enjoy an amazing vacation with your family or friends.

Here are a few helpful articles for new cruisers that I’m sure you’ll love:

Have any questions after reading these? Just ask in the comments section below any article, and I’ll answer. I reply to every comment on my blog, and I love helping newer cruisers!

Intermediate cruise trivia scorers (Cruise Novice or Cruise Fan)

Intermediate cruise trivia scorers, you did pretty well on this quiz! You’ve probably taken several cruises over the years, right? You might have even sampled a few different cruise lines?

I have tons of interesting posts for you to help you plan your future cruises.

Perhaps thinking about a non-traditional cruise is your next step.

Have you always wanted to take a cruise, but the timing never quite worked out for you? Your time will come! For you inveterate researchers (I’m one of you—it once took me six years to decide upon the right dishwasher. I’m not even kidding), here are some posts you’ll enjoy:

Or maybe you’ve found a cruise line you love, and want to keep cruising with them. I don’t blame you! Here are some of my top posts that share hard-to-find info about some of the world’s top cruise lines:

Top cruise trivia scorers (Cruise Lover or Cruise Expert)

If you got a silver or gold medal, that’s one of the top scores. Congrats! My cruise trivia quiz isn’t easy. I’m impressed!

If you have any expert-level cruising trivia you’d like to share, pop it in the comments below. Maybe I’ll do a part two if I get enough ideas!

You’ll probably also be interested in reading some of my expert cruiser blog posts. Check these out for some super-in-depth articles that seasoned cruisers enjoy:

How did you score on the cruise trivia quiz? Share your results in the comments below! If you have any suggestions, I’m always looking for ideas for new cruise quizzes and polls. Shout it out, and you might see your idea featured in the future!

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Carrie Ann Karstunen