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Ultimate Cruise Gift Ideas Guide for 2024

Ultimate Cruise Gift Ideas Guide for 2024

Are you looking for cruise gift ideas for someone who loves cruising? My updated 2024 cruise gift ideas guide includes everything a cruiser needs to enjoy their vacation.

Do you have a friend or family member who is going on their very first cruise, and you’d like to choose a special cruise present or even make a cruise gift basket for them?

In this post, I’m including cruise gifts for every budget. From small stocking stuffers to splurge cruise gifts for someone you love, all the perfect cruise gift ideas are right here for you.

My hand-picked cruise gift basket suggestions are at the bottom, so be sure to read all the way through!

Disclaimer: I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase from a link on this site, at no added charge to you. For more info, please read my Disclosure Policy.

Cruise gifts under $25

Looking for inexpensive cruise gifts for a small birthday present, secret Santa gift, or cruise stocking stuffer? All of these cruise gifts are small enough to fit in a small space, but can make anyone’s cruise so much more enjoyable.

Magnetic hooks

Did you know that cruise stateroom walls are made of metal? These strong magnetic hooks can hold everything from hats and jackets to bags. They’re a great way to keep a cruise cabin neat when there’s limited storage.

I like to use mine to hang damp swimsuits to dry when it’s inconvenient to use the clothesline in the shower. (Like when people need the shower for showering.)

Lounge chair towel clips

It can get windy up on the pool deck, so these lounge chair towel clips come in handy to keep towels in place. They also make it clear that your lounger is reserved when you take a dip in the pool or the hot tub.

The clips are also great to take along on any beach-bound shore excursions.

Power strip with USB

Cruise staterooms never have enough power outlets! With all of the electronic devices that we need to keep charged, it can be a struggle to find a spot for everyone to plug in.

A non-surge protecting power strip will give your cruiser enough outlets and USB ports to keep everything powered up. Plus, it’s cruise-friendly! Surge protecting power strips are usually prohibited on cruise ships.


Stateroom bathrooms have no ventilation, so odors tend to permeate the entire cabin. Yuck. Poo-Pourri traps the odors in the toilet bowl before they have a chance to hit the air.

The travel-size pump spray is TSA friendly, and the non-toxic formula is made with essential oils and natural compounds.

Battery-operated night light

Cruise staterooms can be pitch-black at night, especially the inside staterooms. A battery-operated nightlight gives off just enough light to safely get to the bathroom without tripping over someone’s shoes.

I like the motion-sensor feature on this model (which can be switched on or off). Plus, it doesn’t take up a valuable electrical outlet, and can be placed on a nightstand or carried around.

Wrinkle release spray

Cruise lines prohibit passengers from carrying on irons or clothes steamers, so it can be difficult to keep clothing looking neat and pressed.

Wrinkle release spray quickly removes wrinkles from most fabrics. Just hang the item, spray lightly, and tug out any wrinkles. Plus, it adds a light scent so it’s possible to re-wear things if there isn’t a laundry room for guests.

Read more: How to Prevent Wrinkled Clothes on a Cruise

Waterproof luggage tag holders

Cruise lines require each piece of checked luggage to have one of their printed labels on it. They instruct passengers to fold the paper label and then use a stapler to attach it to suitcases and bags.

A water-damaged tag (or one that falls off!) means that cruise line staff won’t know which room the bag belongs to. I use reusable waterproof luggage tag holders to protect my bag labels.

Make sure you pick the right style for the cruise line. The ones above will work for Princess, Carnival, Costa, Holland America, P&O, and Norwegian. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity have different size tags.

Money belt

Pickpockets and thieves love it when a cruise ship comes into port. They often prey on unsuspecting tourists whose money and valuables aren’t secured.

Help your cruiser avoid being a target by giving them a money belt. It’s not just useful for hiding cash! Their passport and smartphone can also fit inside.

This belt also includes RFID blocking technology which helps to prevent scammers from obtaining personal information from credit cards and IDs.

Collapsible water bottle

Single-use water can be expensive on cruise ships and in port, not to mention the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles.

Tap water on cruise ships is perfectly safe to drink. A collapsible water bottle is the perfect size to pack in a suitcase, and will save your cruiser money while out on shore excursions.

This two-pack is made of BPA-free food grade silicone and comes in a variety of colors, including some fun multicolor designs.

Packable shopping bags

Many cruise ports are shopping meccas, and a set of lightweight packable shopping bags can hold all those souvenirs—up to 50 pounds per bag! They fold down into a little pouch, the perfect size for tossing in a purse or beach bag.

The bags also do double-duty as laundry bags (I hang mine in the stateroom closet) or to keep shoes separate from clothing in a suitcase.

Power Bank

My smartphone gets quite a workout when we’re in port. Pulling up maps and directions, looking up restaurant reviews, and checking in at home often leaves me with a dead battery! A small power bank will charge it right back up.

It works to charge tablets as well. I make sure to bring mine on those long coach drives when the port is far away from the city destination. No more worries that reading or playing a game will drain the battery.

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Reef-safe sunscreen

Did you know that most commercial sunscreens contain ingredients that can be harmful to marine life? Some chemical sunscreen ingredients like oxybenzone and octinoxate can kill coral and damage coral reef ecosystems.

Going without sunscreen is a dangerous idea when swimming or snorkeling, so if your cruiser will be in the water, get them some reef-safe sunscreen.

For a more high-end, skincare-based sunscreen option, read my MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals Reef Safe Sunscreen: An Honest Review

Waterproof phone pouch

Your cruiser can enjoy the ship’s pool or a shore excursion to the beach while keeping their phone handy and safe. These waterproof phone pouches come with a detachable neck strap and fit phones up to 6.8″ diagonal.

And yes, the touchscreen works through the clear plastic window. They can even be used to take photos underwater!

Over-the-door organizer

Give your cruiser the gift of more storage space in their stateroom. An over-the-door organizer can corral toiletries and accessories on the back of the bathroom door.

This model is flame-retardant, as is required by some cruise lines. I keep the packaging with mine to prove to my stateroom steward that it meets the rules.

Note: Disney Cruise Line has banned over-the-door hooks because they might mar the finish of the doors.

Packing cubes

Organizing and packing a suitcase for a cruise is so much easier with packing cubes. I keep my items inside when I unpack, and just place them on the closet shelves or drawers. The see-through mesh makes it easy to see what’s inside each cube.

The gentle compression of the packing cubes also results in less-wrinkled clothing.

Travel Board Games

One of my favorite things to bring on a cruise is a travel-sized board game, like Tile Lock Scrabble. Its slightly smaller size makes it easy to pack, and the tiles won’t shift if the board is bumped – perfect for playing on the ship or on a plane.

A travel board game, or a fun card or dice game makes an inexpensive but appreciated gift for a friend, coworker, or family member that’s going on a cruise.

Check out my other 40+ recommended games to take on a cruise ship. There’s something for everyone from kids to adults.

Cruise gift ideas for a holiday swap ($25-$50)

Lots of us participate in a holiday gift swap each year. Whether it’s a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle, or your family (like mine!) draws names for a gift swap, sometimes it’s tough to find just the right gift and still stay within the swap budget.

All the cruise gift ideas in this section are right in the price range of most gift swap budgets.

Travel safe

On the pool deck or at the beach, it’s never a good idea to leave valuables out where they can be stolen. This mini travel safe is roomy enough to hold money, jewelry, and most phones while swimming.

It attaches easily to a lounge chair with a flexible metal strap. Your cruiser will love knowing that their valuables are secure while they’re enjoying the water.

Apple AirTag

If your cruiser has an iPhone, they’ll appreciate one of these handy little AirTag devices to keep track of their stuff when they travel.

I like to clip one inside each of my suitcases using an inexpensive silicone holder (much cheaper than the overpriced ones sold by Apple) to make sure my checked bags make it on the plane and then on the cruise ship!

Full-face snorkel mask

Does your cruiser enjoy snorkeling? Then they’ll love the 180° view they’ll experience with this full-face snorkel mask. The mask features adjustable straps, an easy drain valve, and anti-fog coating. It even has a GoPro mount to capture all of those underwater adventures!

I’ve saved far more than I spent on my set by not having to rent snorkel equipment in port. Plus I feel better about not putting a germy rental snorkel in my mouth.

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Mid-range gifts for cruisers ($50-$100)

Is your budget for your cruise gift a bit more generous, but you don’t want to completely splurge? I have plenty of ideas for cruise gifts in the $50-$100 range.

Anti-theft travel bag

Pickpockets love it when tourists are carrying bags that are easy to get into. An anti-theft travel bag will keep money and valuables safe from thieves. With locking clips on the zippers and slash-proof straps, this bag will prevent pickpockets from accessing its contents.

I use mine as my cruise carry on bag for embarkation day, as well as for shore excursions.

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Packable rain jacket

I used to take an ugly plastic poncho with me when I cruised, in case I was caught in the rain in port. I didn’t feel like taking a bulky raincoat. But plastic ponchos are ridiculously ugly.

My favorite packable rain jacket folds into its own pocket, and doesn’t take up much room in a shore excursion bag. Much nicer looking than an ugly poncho! It also comes in men’s sizes here.


Is your gift recipient cruising to an area with lots of wildlife? On our recent cruise to Alaska, I was so thankful we had binoculars. From the deck of a cruise ship, what looked like tiny moving dots to the naked eye suddenly became a mama bear and her cub, or a pod of porpoises.

These full-size 10 x 50 binoculars feature low-light night vision for evening viewing, and have a shock-resistant, non-slip rubber coating.

A backpack for active shore excursions

Is hiking or a bike tour on your cruiser’s agenda? A quality backpack would be a much-appreciated gift. This 26-liter pack is the perfect size to fit all the essentials for an active shore excursion.

A comfortable, functional backpack makes all the difference when taking an active shore excursion. Padded shoulder straps and a hip belt and sternum strap ensure that weight is distributed evenly.

Splurge gifts for cruisers ($100+)

Do you want to get something really great for a loved one who’s going on a cruise? These cruise gift ideas are a little more pricey, but your cruiser will love them!

Expandable hardside suitcase

Is your cruiser still using that beat-up suitcase from a high school trip abroad? Bring them into the modern era of travel with a new expandable hardside rollaboard.

This sleek rollaboard is slim enough to easily slip under a cruise ship bed, but roomy enough to fit all the essentials. Plus it’s made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate, so it’ll stay beautiful trip after trip.

The 24″ suitcase comes in a range of eleven colors, and has over 17,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones

Mr. SBC and I each have a pair of Beats Studio3 headphones, and we wouldn’t cruise (or fly on a plane!) without them. They pair easily with any smartphone or tablet, and the noise-canceling feature is amazing at blocking out crowd noise.

I love to use mine to listen to music on our balcony, or to listen to an audiobook while lounging on the pool deck. Throw in a subscription to Audible, and your cruiser will be all set to relax!

GoPro camera

The newest and best GoPro camera yet, the HERO12 Black is a fun gadget to take along on shore excursions! I love that it’s waterproof so I can use it to document my snorkeling adventures.

A fun feature of the GoPro is its time-lapse video function. I like to set it up to record the view from my window or balcony while I’m having fun around the ship.

Tablet or e-reader

I think there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by the pool and reading a book. But traveling with bulky paperbacks gets annoying, especially if you’re trying to pack light. An e-reader or tablet is a great gift for any book-loving cruiser.

No products found.

This new 8GB Kindle Paperwhite model is waterproof and glare-free, with an adjustable light—perfect for poolside or beach reading.

Add a subscription to Kindle Unlimited to make your gift complete.

Give the gift of a cruise!

With all the amazing cruise deals you can find right now, why not surprise your family with a cruise vacation?

A cruise can be such an affordable vacation for the whole family, with activities for all ages, delicious (and unlimited!) food, and the chance to see multiple destinations in one trip.

Read more: Seven Reasons Why a Cruise Can Be a Cheap Vacation

Wrapping it up

How can you make your cruise gift even more fun? Wrap it in a nautical theme! This gift wrap multi-pack includes a classic navy-and-white anchor wrapping paper, ship’s wheels, and a cute whale pattern.

Or maybe you despise wrapping gifts? I hear you. Gift bags are much faster and easier! Check out this cute anchor tissue paper that pairs well with blue and gold kraft paper gift bags.

Cruise gift basket ideas

Can’t decide on just one or two cruise gift ideas? Why not make a cruise gift basket? Instead of using a boring wicker basket, give your gifts in a packable pop-up laundry basket that they can use during their cruise.

Is your cruiser going to a tropical destination? Or do they have a summer cruise planned? A cute beach bag makes the perfect packaging for a warm-weather cruise gift.

Another fun cruise gift basket alternative is a lightweight packable backpack. This would be a great way to pack some cruise essentials for a kid who’s going on a cruise.

Cruise gift basket filler ideas

Need some more ideas for filling that cruise gift basket?

More cruise gift ideas and must-have cruise accessories

Which of these cruise gift ideas is your favorite? Do you have another favorite cruise gift you love to give to friends or family? Let me know in the comments below!

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Carrie Ann Karstunen


Sunday 14th of November 2021

Great ideas! Love the full-face snorkel mask (always lug all my gear with me!) and the cruise gift basket idea is adorable.

Carrie Ann

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Hi Cris! I always take my snorkel gear with me too - I never pass up an opportunity to get in the water :D


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Awesome gift suggestions. I love the full-face snorkel mask. Those seem to be very popular right now. Thanks for providing some great ideas.

Carrie Ann

Tuesday 16th of November 2021

Hi Ildiko, my whole family loves our full-face snorkel masks! They make such a great gift, and they're not too expensive!


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Those magnetic hooks are so cute! I know a few people who love to go on cruises so I'll be forwarding this gift guide to them!

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Hi Krista! The magnetic hooks are so great for keeping a stateroom neat and organized! Thanks for sharing my cruise gifts list :)