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Disney Cruise Line Will Open Lighthouse Point in Summer 2024

Disney Cruise Line Will Open Lighthouse Point in Summer 2024

A new private island destination from Disney Cruise Line, Lighthouse Point will welcome cruise guests beginning in the summer of 2024.

On March 9, 2023, Disney Cruise Line announced its newest private island destination, Lighthouse Point in the Bahamas, will open for guests on select sailings next summer.

The resort, which is exclusively for DCL guests, will be located on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. The 176-square-mile (457.4 km2) island is already home to another cruise line private resortPrincess Cays.

Lighthouse Point will become Disney Cruise Line’s second private island destination, joining Castaway Cay, which the company opened in 1998.

Disney Cruise Line’s new destination on the island of Eleuthera will be a vibrant beach retreat infused with the color and energy of Bahamian artistry (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Disney Cruise Line fans may have already heard that the Lighthouse Point project was in the works. But along with Disney’s announcement about the private island’s opening date, the company also released new details about what promises to be a relaxing beach escape designed with families in mind.

DCL says Lighthouse Point will celebrate Bahamian culture

Disney Cruise Line is creating the island retreat in close collaboration with local artists and advisors. The company hopes the destination will combine the Bahamas’ unique culture with the quality and service of a Disney vacation.

“At Disney Cruise Line, we have a deep appreciation for the Bahamian community,” said Sharon Siskie, senior vice president and general manager of DCL.

“We are connected in many ways, including our shared values of storytelling and hospitality. With the opening of Lighthouse Point, visitors from around the world will experience the magic of The Bahamas in a new way, one that truly celebrates its natural and cultural beauty,” Siskie continued.

Upon arrival at Lighthouse Point, guests will be swept up in the pageantry and history of the Bahamas’ traditional Junkanoo parades. Throughout the island, DCL plans to reference folklore characters that evoke the warmth and charm of Bahamian culture.

Of course, favorite Disney characters will be on hand, helping families discover the magic of Bahamian storytelling.

What guests can expect at Disney’s Lighthouse Point

Just like at any cruise line private island, guests at Lighthouse Point can expect a day of fun, with opportunities for both relaxation and active adventures. Lighthouse Point will offer activities and areas for every age group.

DCL says its new island destination is being thoughtfully designed to provide a hassle-free experience for families, with complimentary beach essentials including towels, chairs, and umbrellas, as well as convenient tram transportation. Lunch on the island is also complimentary.

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Lighthouse Point will feature several beaches

Disney Cruise Line’s new destination on the island of Eleuthera promises to be a vibrant beach retreat. The company has released details about three beach areas, each with a unique feel.

Families can relax and play along white sandy beaches and turquoise waters at the expansive family beach on the east side of the island, which will be centrally located near market-style dining, recreation, and other amenities.

North of the family area will be an adult-exclusive beach with a dedicated dining area for convenient access to food and drinks throughout the day, plus six private cabanas available by reservation.

Away from the activity of the main family area, a peaceful beach along the southwestern shore will be lined with 20 premium family cabanas available to rent, including four double cabanas that accommodate larger groups. Family cabanas will also have massage services available.

Lighthouse Point will have 20 premium family cabanas available to rent, including four double cabanas (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Kids’ and family activities on the private island

In addition to the destination’s beaches, families will have the opportunity to enjoy amenities including a recreation center, dining, shopping, a water playground, and a cultural pavilion.

The brightly-colored, interactive family water play area will feature two slides, water drums, and fountains. The play area will also include a dedicated space for toddlers.

Lighthouse Point’s family water play area (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Children ages 3 to 12 can visit the themed kids’ club, supervised by Disney Cruise Line counselors.

The club will include a splash pad inspired by favorite undersea creatures from The Little Mermaid, plenty of shady areas, and a dedicated dining area.

The themed kids’ club at Lighthouse Point (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Kids and adults alike will find lots of recreational activities on the island, including a covered gaming pavilion, a volleyball court, a GaGa ball pit, plus watercraft and bike rentals. Lighthouse Point will also offer nature trails for hiking and biking.

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Cruisers will have the opportunity to learn about the Bahamas at Lighthouse Point

The private destination isn’t all about fun in the sun—cruisers will also have the opportunity to be surrounded by Eleuthera’s stunning nature, and get a glimpse into efforts taking place to conserve the island’s wildlife and unique island habitats.

Bahamian art and culture pavilion featuring unique programs and local artists will let visitors learn about and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of the Bahamas.

Shore excursions from Lighthouse Point

Disney announced that it has created a collection of new shore excursions (or Port Adventures in DCL lingo) developed in partnership with local tour operators. For an additional fee, guests can journey beyond the resort to explore the beauty and culture of Eleuthera.

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Disney reports the private island’s design is being developed sustainably

When guests arrive at Lighthouse Point, DCL says they’ll notice the resort’s bold, sweeping architecture in bright hues. The style, inspired by nature, will be created in partnership with local artists.

The cruise line relayed in a press release that respect for the environment is at the heart of Lighthouse Point’s design. At least 90 percent of the destination’s electricity needs will be met by an onsite solar array.

The pier was designed to avoid the need for dredging, and elevated walkways will help limit visitors’ impact on the landscape.

Lighthouse Point will feature bold, sweeping architecture in bright hues (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

“Lighthouse Point is a place of extraordinary natural beauty, so our goal has always been to create designs that accentuate its qualities in an organic way,” said Kevin Thomas, creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering.

“We’re focused on low-density, sustainable development that protects and preserves the environment, allowing the site’s biodiversity to shine,” Thomas continued.

Disney promises sustainable development that protects and preserves the environment of its newest private island destination (artist rendering courtesy of Disney Cruise Line)

Disney has shared that it will release more details on inaugural cruise itineraries to Lighthouse Point as well as additional information about signature entertainment, dining, retail, and excursions at a later date.

Update: Disney Cruise Line Announces Inaugural Sailings to Lighthouse Point

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